Mariah Sotelino performing an extension on Ladder Barrel

Mariah P. Sotelino

Mariah is a PMA Certified Pilates Instructor and has been teaching Pilates since 2000. She has taught over 10,000 hours and has completed over 1,500 hours of training. She completed classical comprehensive Pilates training with Beth Downey, Advanced Teacher Certification with Wendy Le-Blanc Arbuckle and Teacher Training Certification with Carrie Samper at Equinox. Mariah currently has rescinded her PMA affiliation to stand in solidarity with Black Pilates Instructors. Mariah has both national and international experience and is fluent in Portuguese. She is committed to continuing education having attended numerous workshops and national conferences. She excels at “seeing” into a client’s moving body and asking for more quality of movement from core. Mariah has a deep interest in the myofascial network and how these lines and spirals of support influence the body’s ability to move within gravity. She’s passionate about core as a reflex, a teacher of self, and a way to connect with others, the environment and our full potential as human beings. Mariah is also an Illustrator and has a passion for people-kind’s relationship with nature. A stickler for detail and a natural explainer, her clients progress quickly under her watchful eye, finding themselves stronger, more flexible, and more fit with every session.

Pilates teacher Training showing students how to teach a Pilates Group class

Our Mission

Everyone can find their “Pilates Body”. Pilates Instructors are facilitators for their client’s journey to better health. At Insight Pilates we give you the tools to find your voice as a movement coach. We strive to help you get on the path towards mastery in movement training.


Mariah is a superb Pilates teacher. She has taught me so much about my body and has helped me to improve my relationship with myself and my practice. I leave every session wanting more! I was delighted to learn that Mariah is also very gifted at teaching how to teach Pilates. The mat certification is thorough and hands-on.  Most importantly, it delivers well beyond a collection of exercises.  Mariah will teach you how to customize it for any body, including your own.”  – Stacy, Mat Course Participant

Pilates has been the perfect answer for fitness conditioning.  Mariah always has a well-planned routine which targets areas I want to work on.  I always know that it will be fun, challenging and satisfying so that when I leave I always feel better than when I arrived!  I respect and appreciate her knowledge of the body and I am always learning something new. I love it!”  – Marilyn, private client for 6 years

Working with Mariah is an insightful journey on more than Pilates. Mariah works to understand how her clients move and structures sessions that resolve issues and lead to better health and more fluid movement.  Mariah also gives you something to think about and work on outside of the session like mindfulness and body awareness.”  – Barrie, private and semi-private client for 2 years