The Art of Teaching Movement

Instructor teaching a client how to perform Swan on Pilates Chair

Learning movement is about layering information. At first pass, we gather an initial understanding- maybe we grab onto a few cues and we are going through the motions that are being asked of us. However- at what point do we truly “get it”? This is where a movement practice comes in. When you start to own the Pilates choreography as your own movement, initiated with the breath, embodied with every cell from head to toe, this is mastery. Insight Pilates can bring you to that place of knowing your body so well that you embody your “Pilates Body”. Insight Pilates believes we can always deepen our understanding of a movement- even the 10,000th time of doing the same move; each time we come to practice Pilates we can gather new insights. Every day we can learn something new.

Photoshoot by Matt Debruycker, 2018 courtesy of Epic Pilates Studio, McLean. Image copyright Insight Pilates, LLC.