“Every good conversation starts with good listening” -Anonymous (The Royal “We”)

Insight Pilates recognizes the importance of trust in the relationship between movement coach and client, work colleague, and community member. Insight Pilates is committed to working in and working with safe spaces for all people. Mariah Sotelino, as the sole representative of Insight Pilates is committed to continue to educate myself on how to make lifestyle choices that economically and emotionally support all people, not just White people.

Insight Pilates shares the values of knowing all people’s history, using critical thinking to discern fact, truth, and reasonable judgements from our overly saturated information age, and recognizing my inherent biases. Insight Pilates cares greatly for our earth’s gifts and will protect our future generation’s inheritance of clean air, water, and believes we have a lot of work to do for environmental and racial justice for all people to live sustainably on this gorgeous earth. The best way to establish trust is to engage in respectful conversation. I’m game!