Instructor presenting during a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program

The Insight Pilates Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program is designed to train you to be a successful Pilates Instructor. The total 658-hours Pilates Teacher Trainer Program will require from you a year-long commitment of an average of 15 hours a week commitment of contact hours (not including study time). This weekly average is based on a 42-week timeline, allowing for 8 weeks of the year off for personal time.

Program Requirements

  • Group Fitness Mat Program Prerequisite: 24 hours weekend intensive plus Minimum of 2 group mat classes attended and 4 practice teaching hours required to take Mat Course test out. Mat Group Fitness Skills test out 2 weeks after Mat Course (2 hrs). The Mat Course may be taken separately from the comprehensive program (32 hours total).
  • 50 hours Self Workouts: Taking Pilates sessions in your own body a minimum of once a week with an Insight Pilates approved instructor
    (30 hrs privates and 20 hrs of group classes) and a recommended additional 2-3 workouts/week on your own. You will have access to host studio equipment pending paying client priority. Physical limitations are accepted.
    A doctor’s clearance may be required for more serious conditions.
  • 200 hours Observations: Observing Insight Pilates approved Pilates Instructors and filling out brief questionnaires in response to what you learned from the sessions.
  • 200 hours Practice Teaching: as an Apprentice Pilates Instructor you will teach your friends and family. Training will not be permitted on current clientele unless the host studio specifies that is allowed. Liability waivers will be signed for all practice students you bring in.
  • 9 hours of Coaching and Guided Study Sessions with Head Teacher Trainer: One private meeting with the Teacher Trainer (TT) per quarter (4 TT meetings). One study group session led by TT per quarter (4 TT study groups). One private final test out check in before Final test out (1 hour).
  • 120 hours Weekend Comprehensive Teacher Training Intensives: Hands-on in studio Teacher Trainer intensive instruction on each exercise in the Classical Method on all apparatus and major accessories. Emphasis will go beyond the choreography and teach you the “hows” and “whys” of becoming a Pilates Instructor. You will learn how to progress your clients through the method safely, professionally, and with joy, zest, and pleasure! (4 x 24 hours each, 120 hrs total).
  • 6th Graduation Ceremony held on the Mat Course weekend for next year’s incoming trainees to celebrate your new skills with your colleagues (2 hrs).
  • 150 hour test out of Beginner Material (2 hrs).
  • 450 hour test out of Intermediate Material (2 hrs).
  • Case Study Report: Train a practice client 3 times/week for 6 weeks and write a 5 page report on your programming choices and their progress. Important for you to see the Pilates Method in action so keeping regular 3 times/week sessions for 6 weeks will show both you and your client the results of the method. Due two weeks before 628 hour test out (36 hrs).
  • Final test out of Advanced Material (3 hrs).
    • Total Apprentice/TT Contact Hours: 172 hours
    • Total Apprentice Logged Hours (not including study time): 486 hours
    • Total Program hours: 658 Hours
Instructor explaining Anatomy during a comprehensive pilates teacher training program