The Art of Teaching Movement

Instructor teaching a client how to perform Swan on Pilates Chair

Learning is about layering information. At first pass, we gather an initial understanding- maybe we grab onto a few facts and we think we “know” the material. However- at what point do we truly “get it”? Insight Pilates believes we can always deepen our understanding of a movement- each time we come to practice Pilates we can gather new insights. Every day we can learn something new. There is great value in the educational process of learning movement. If your goal is mastery of self in movement or mastery of teaching movement to your client- Insight Pilates is your resource. In this Blog, Insight Pilates discusses the biomechanics of the exercise in terms of joint action and planes of movement. Then we go beyond biomechanics and discuss what can you be feeling while you are doing the movement? What movement concepts will help you better execute the move from the correct chain of muscle engagement?

In this Blog, you will gather crucial information on how to be safe while executing the exercise, how to spot your client well, and be aware of what is the fitness goal of an exercise. A vital aspect of teaching movement is how well can this body (your client’s body- or your own body) execute the movement. We all have our gifts and our curses. Learning the Pilates method can mean learning more about your own strengths and weaknesses. It is in the struggle to obtain ideal movement that we learn the most about ourselves as we overcome out limitations. Insight Pilates believes in striving for excellence, rather than perfection. You are invited to follow this Blog to enhance your learning process: Register here for the Insight Pilates newsletter.